Redevelopment Program Coordinator: Natasha Kauffmann

2019 Redevelopment Commission Members

Redevelopment Commission (RDC) Members are appointed by Elkhart County Elected Officials. The 2019 roster includes the following:

  • Jim Skillen
  • Randy Wilson
  • Rick Gentle
  • Darryl Riegsecker
  • Jon Hunsberger
  • Dave Dygert
  • Amanda (Mandy) Leazenby
  • Randy Myers, School Boards Liaison

  • Support Staff:
    • Chris Godlewski, Planning & Development Director
    • Natasha Kauffmann, Redevelopment Coordinator
    • Sharon Delagrange, Recording Secretary
    • Craig Buche, Legal Counsel

2019 RDC Meetings

RDC meetings take place every first Thursday of the month at 2:00 pm at the Public Services Building unless otherwise stated.

Meeting dates below will be linked to their agendas a few days before the meeting. For Minutes, please reach out to the Redevelopment Coordinator.

TIF Projects

The RDC is primarily focused on projects that happen in or near a designated TIF area. The RDC may come up with projects themselves, or have projects suggested to them by government officials, private developers, and local citizens.

Projects are often focused on increasing property values in the area, and tend to be either public use projects (paths, parks, road improvements, signs, etc.) or private development projects (extending water and sewer lines, R.O.W. landscaping, creating new roads, etc.)

Private developers in TIF areas looking to apply for a TIF project may do the following:

  • Inquire about the eligibility of their proposed project
  • Negotiate a reimbursement agreement
  • Pay a $2,500 fee to have their project brought before the RDC and other governing bodies


Redevelopment Coordinator
Natasha Kauffmann

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